Halo Around Sun Hints at Weather Changes

Cooler conditions, some showers arrive Sunday

People across New England are talking about the halo seen around the sun late Saturday morning and early Saturday afternoon. The scene high above us actually hints at changes ahead in the weather department.

The thin halo you see in the sky forms when high, cirrus clouds veil the sun. Those circus clouds are made of ice crystals because they're so high in the atmosphere. The sunlight reflecting and refracting through the ice creates the halo.

Separately, cirrus clouds often run out ahead of storms and can act as an early warning that weather changes are ahead. In this case, a coastal storm is forming just south of New England today. That will bring more clouds on Sunday, along with a few spotty showers.

Most of the day will be dry in any one spot, with even a few peeks of sunshine, but it will certainly be a less pleasant than Saturday. Highs will mostly be in the 60s through the interior, with a few 50s in southeastern Massachusetts, where a gusty northeast wind sends marine air onshore.

We stay in a somewhat unsettled and cool pattern, especially at the coast, into early next week.

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