How to Pull Off the Perfect 2021 Wedding, According to a Pro

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While many things were canceled in 2020, love was not and there are many weddings in the work.Since many couples postponed their big day early on in the pandemic, that means there are a lot of big days coming this year.

To help us navigate this new world of wedding planning is Pearl Farquharson, founder of “Designed by Delsie.” 

For couples determined to keep their 2021 dates regardless of some COVID restrictions still in place, she says, “I would say that if the original date is so essential and not negotiable, you absolutely must keep that, keep it.

"And I think that there are two really great options here. The first option would be to host the most remarkable intimate gathering.

"Or the second option is, thank goodness that we live in a world of technology because you can have an exceptional virtual experience and have all of your guests invited.”

If you open your mind to some out-of-the-box ideas such as elopement or staycation destinations, Pearl says you can expand your venue options to places you wouldn’t have thought of for a larger affair.

“We live in New England, which is that's really home to so many amazing destinations and locations. You can really get married almost anywhere… This can be a magical rooftop in the middle of downtown Boston, perhaps wine cellar,” she says. 

If you go virtual, there are ways to make the wedding special and not feel like a meeting for work.

 Pearl says, “The virtual component should be an extension of your day. So, a couple of things I recommend and how to make your virtual experience as spectacular as the wedding day itself: The first thing is great audio and visuals. This is so essential. I would really suggest hiring a professional live-stream service that is able to provide excellent audio and excellent visuals. 

“Another thing that I would suggest doing is thinking about having some sort of package to be mailed to your wedding guests before just to create a feeling of togetherness.” 

And, if you’re newly engaged and just starting the planning process, first BREATHE. And then? 

 “What we're seeing now is that with all the postponements from 2020 dates are filling up very quickly. So I would suggest being proactive with booking your vendors,” Pearl suggests.

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