Possible Tropical Storm Brewing in the Atlantic

A potential tropical storm is brewing in the Atlantic

It’s been one month and one week since the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic have seen a tropical storm. The 2016 hurricane season drought might be coming to an end.

There are two waves (areas of low pressure) moving off the coast of Africa. Monsoon season has started in Africa, and up until now, dust has prevented tropical development near the Cape Verde Islands.

We’re seeing great convection around the center. If this area of low pressure continues to strengthen into a tropical storm, it would become Earl. Does that name ring a bell? Hurricane Earl brushed the Cape and Islands as a tropical storm in September of 2010.

No one wants to see a land falling hurricane in New England, but tropical systems usually help end droughts in New England.

Today’s rain won’t amount to much in the drought stricken area.

Boston, which was upgraded to a “severe drought” on Thursday, might see less than one tenth of an inch.

When you look at the climatology for the day, Boston averages 0.12 inches of rain on July 29.

What does that mean?

If we see LESS than 0.12 inches of rain today, technically the drought will worsen!

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