Hydration, Sunscreen Key for New Englanders on Wednesday

Summer heat rushes in

In typical New England fashion, summer heat doesn't ease in, tip-toeing into our neighborhoods - instead, it comes in all at once.

After a cool and cloudy day with showers yesterday, today's morning clouds quickly departing for sunshine made way for high temperatures to reach 90 degrees for many inland communities.


Though immediate coastal locales may be just a few degrees cooler owing to your nearby mid-50s degree ocean water, no cooling sea breeze is anticipated Wednesday, and this will mean a pretty big shock to the system.

Keep in mind the importance of hydration – and sunscreen – on days like today, which mark a rapid change in weather conditions for the body, and invite an increasing number of us outside for lunch or after school and work. With the feel of increased humidity in the air, thunderstorms may seem probable at first glance, but we actually only think conditions favor afternoon and evening thunder in the far North Country, from Northern Vermont through Coos County, New Hampshire and into Northern Maine.


For northern Maine residents, some storms may become severe by early evening as atmospheric conditions aloft favor large hail and the potential for locally gusty wind. 

Skies clear overnight with mild conditions, then Thursday looks fair and warm...though not as humid. Humidity and the coinciding chance of thunder return Friday, with heat continuing to build Saturday before a gradual cooling trend begins Sunday with scattered storms, and continues Memorial Day Monday, when the best chance of afternoon thunder may be confined to far interior New England.


Next Tuesday looks rather unsettled but most of next week still reaches 75-80 degrees for highs in our exclusive NECN Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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