Maine Man in Search of Moose Antlers Rescued During Snowstorm

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

A 78-year-old Maine man is home safe after being rescued while out in search for moose antlers during Sunday's winter storm.

The man headed out on his ATV to the area of Cocoa Mountain Road in Cutler around 7 a.m., and told his family he would be back by noon that day, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

When he didn't return, his family went out in search for him and called the Maine Warden Service.

Authorities say the man fell through an iced-over bog and became lost. The man was able to get out, but became hypothermic. Authorities were able to locate the man around 8p.m. with the help of a K9.

"He told wardens that he was going to go to sleep, and wasn’t sure if he would wake up, but when he heard Game Warden Matt Tenan’s siren as he arrived, he decided to stay awake and listen for the game wardens," according to the release. 

Game wardens started a fire to warm the man up. He was then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and later released.

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