As Sex Abuse Investigation Continues, a Call for Change in Maine

The mayor of Biddeford, Maine, thinks the on-going investigation into a former police officer for sexual abuse can lead to changes in local and state law.

Mayor Alan Casavant is asking Biddeford's State Senator, David Dutremble, to introduce emergency legislation that would allow city officials to comment about on-going criminal investigations.

Casavant said many people in the community have expressed that they would like to know more about an investigation into a former Biddeford Police officer.

He said current state law prohibits city leaders from commenting on the investigation.

The Maine Attorney General has disclosed that the investigation involves the abuse of a boy in the 1990s.

Boston business-owner and former Biddeford resident Matt Lauzon said he is the boy mentioned in the investigation, and he said there are at least a dozen other victims.

Lauzon was one of many people at a Biddeford City Council this week who demanded city officials do more, and say more about the alleged abuse.

"There's a lot of people wondering what's going on, and of course, I can't say anything," said Mayor Casavant.

Senator Dutremble said he is conducting legal research and supports the Mayor's ideas for the emergency legislation -- to a point.

"I would be cautious about how much information we are going to give out," said Dutremble.

Casavant's other request for emergency legislation involves restrictions for sex offenders. He would like to see a state law that prohibits sex offenders from living closer than 750 feet away from a park, playground, or athletic field.

Casavant has instructed Biddeford's City Attorney to draft a sex offender ordinance for the city immediately, but he would like the restrictions to be imposed at the state level, as well. 

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