Landlord’s Ad Apologizes for Signs Many Saw as Racist


A Maine landlord who came under fire from his community after posting signs many saw as racist is now apologizing.

Joe Dunne of Lewiston took out an ad in the Sun Journal on Friday to apologize for the signs attacking Ben Chin, a mayoral candidate, the Portland Press Herald reports.

"I designed the signs ONLY to be critical of [Chin's] policies and tactics, not his race. I am truly sorry that my sign was taken as racism and bigotry," he wrote in the ad.

Dunne also said his "insensitive act" hurt the community's effort to make Lewiston a good city.

Earlier this week, Dunne placed two signs that featured a cartoon drawing of former Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh with the words "Don't vote for Ho Chi Chin," causing an outcry in Lewiston. 

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