Investigation Into Maine Shooting That Left 3 Victims, Gunman Dead Continues

Authorities are still investigating a Maine shooting that killed three people and injured another man.

State police said autopsies on the three victims are expected to be finished Thursday.

The victims' killer, Carroll Tuttle, was killed by sheriff's deputies during a confrontation in Madison. His autopsy is expected to take place on Friday.

The victims who were killed were Tuttle's wife, 52-year-old Lori Hayden, their 25-year-old son Dustin Tuttle and 57-year-old neighbor Michael Spaulding.

The man who was injured in the shootings, Harvey Austin, is still being treated at Eastern Maine Medical Center. Austin, who police say is distantly related to Lori Hayden, is expected to survive.

Detectives are still interviewing people and are working with the state's medical examiner to determine the shootings' motive.

Michael Spaulding's son told us that his father may have been killed in a jealous fit of rage. He said Tuttle accused his father of having an affair with Hayden.

"It was a very irrational situation, from what I do understand," Michael Spaulding Jr. said. "It's not fair."

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