Maine Tackles Human Trafficking Prevention

The states attorney general says the problem isn't going away

Maine lawmakers are dedicating more resources to human trafficking awareness and prevention -- a problem Maine's Attorney General says is not going away.

Lawmakers, Attorney General Janet Mills, service providers, and human trafficking survivors spoke at a press conference at the state house Thursday afternoon.

There is an estimated 200 to 300 victims of trafficking in Maine, according to a recent study commissioned by the Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation network.

Senator Amy Volk said law enforcement has received new training to recognize trafficking victims, and praised the establishment of Maine's first safe house for victims, which is located in Southern Maine.

Attorney General Mills said her office is about to launch a new public service campaign, and promised the ads will be attention-grabbing.

"They're going to be controversial, but they're vital," said Mills. "That's how we've got to act to confront this problem."

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