Investigators Don’t Believe Hiker’s Death Due to Foul Play

The remains of a hiker from Tennessee who has been missing for two years have been found in Maine.

It's the end of an extensive search that covered miles.

"It's a happy, sad day," said Lt. Kevin Adam of the Maine Warden Service.

"These findings will bring closure to one of Maine's most unique and challenging rescue incidents," said Maine Warden Service Cpl. John MacDonald.

Geraldine Largay was hiking the Appalacian trail through Maine. She was last seen at the Poplar lean-to in July of 2013. When she missed a meeting with her husband, the warden service started its search.

They say 90 percent of the time, hikers are found within 12 hours of their disappearance. But they couldn't find Largay.

"Until yesterday, search efforts yielded no clues," said MacDonald.

It was contractor doing an environmental survey that stumbled upon her clothes, her gear and her skeleton in Redington Township. Largay had gone 3,000 feet off of the trail, into rugged land that belongs to a Navy survival school.

"I don't know how she got there," said Adam.

They hope searching her belongings and getting the medical examiners report will tell them more about her death. So far they do not believe foul play is involved, but they have many more questions.

Now, they at least have a body.

"It's a great sense of relief that we have found Gerry, and we can return her to her family," said Adam.

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