Toddler Loses Memorial Bear in Honor of Father at Maine Mall

Daddy Bear

A 3-year-old boy from Maine needs the public's help in finding his teddy bear, which he recently lost at a local mall.

Nathaniel Lambert's teddy bear is not just an ordinary stuffed toy.

Lambert's aunt, Molly Whyte, told WCSH-TV that the bear represents his dead father, who was killed in a car crash on May 17.

The bear, named "Daddy Bear," goes with the toddler everywhere. It was left behind at the Maine Mall in South Portland on Nov. 29 when Nathaniel and his mother were shopping.

Whyte told WCSH-TV that "Daddy Bear" normally wears a sweater stating that it is a memorial bear but the sweater was not on it the day it was lost. The stuffed toy, however, is notably heavy and has a zipper down the back.

Editor's note: WCSH initially reported the bear contained the father's ashes.

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