Making the Grade: Countdown to Kindergarten

An event at the Boston Children's Museum allows kids and parents alike to get ready

The countdown to kindergarten is officially underway for thousands of youngsters in the Boston Public School District, and it's a day that can't soon enough for many of these little inquisitive minds, proudly wearing their "I'm Going to Kindergarten" t-shirts.

For the past 15 years, incoming students have gotten a chance to enjoy an afternoon of games, activities, food, and fun at a countdown to kindergarten celebration at the Boston Children's Museum.

The event put on by Boston Public Schools allows kids to get acclimated with what to expect on their first day and a chance to get over any last minute jitters.

"It's the beginning of a child's educational career and you know, it's the foundation, so we're welcoming families and students to experience what a classroom is like," Holmes Elementary teacher Stephanie Kudriashova said.

"Kindergarten is a big step and this is the first one, so you know, I'm excited," Michael Capone, a father, said.

The Countdown to Kindergarten celebration also allows parents to ask last-minute school questions and take advantage of free dental and vision screenings -- all events to put parents at ease and to get kids ready for their upcoming kindergarten adventures.

"I want to learn and go find friends," little Aiyana said. 

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