Many Hitting the Roads Tuesday Ahead of Snow for Thanksgiving Destinations

New Hampshire is expected to get pounded with up to a foot of snow in some areas on Wednesday afternoon.

At the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet in Hooksett along Interstate 93, many people were doing their errands early to avoid going out in the inclement weather Wednesday.

"We have done all our shopping and stuff ahead of time," Ronald Blais said.

For most drivers, there are few things more frustrating than sitting in traffic. But how about with two young boys and a foot of snow on the ground? That would be the case for Clinton Bierman on Wednesday, so instead he hit the road early with his two sons to make the trip from Vermont to Massachusetts.

"I make it a point of my life not to get into traffic," he said. "My wife is supposed to drive down tomorrow, so she might even leave tonight to miss it."

NECN found many people with the same idea.

"I just hope I miss it," said Marianne Kellogg, who was coming from Alabama to visit her family in New Hampshire.

AAA Northern New England Spokesman Nicholas Wallner says the timing of this storm couldn't be worse as people rush to get to their holiday destination.

"I hope people will be able to adjust their plans to meet weather conditions," Wallner said. "Some people obviously can't and will be stuck traveling during the most challenging day."

State police say the first snowfall of the year is especially dangerous, as people re-familiarize themselves with winter driving.

"This is no secret, this storm is coming, plan ahead," Colonel Robert Quinn said.

The snow is piling on to an already busy week for law enforcement officers who are focused on getting impaired drivers off the roads, and slowing people down.

"They routinely are getting people traveling over 100 miles per hour and that is reckless, it's dangerous," Quinn said. "Couple that with distraction and it is a recipe for disaster."

Starting Tuesday night, there will be an extra 50 state troopers on duty through the weekend to ensure families like the Biermans make it to their destination safely, and in time for turkey dinner. The good news for travelers this week is that gas prices are averaging $2.87 a gallon in New Hampshire, the lowest they've been in five years. Wallner expects those prices to continue dropping through the holiday season. 

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