2 Bodies Found in Multi-Family Home in Framingham, Mass.

Two people were found shot to death Wednesday in a multi-family home in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Police were still at the apartment building more than five hours after what was likely a murder-suicide.

Fire officials responded to a well-being check at Unit 6 of 154 Second Street Wednesday around 4:30 p.m. They found the bodies of a man and a woman, both in their 30s.

"We talk every day," said Marie Bonilla, the mother of the woman. "She didn't answer her phone, and I kept calling, and I said to my work, 'something's not right,'" said Marie Bonilla.

A mother's instinct that something was wrong with her daughter - when she didn't show up at work, Bonilla immediately came to her apartment to check on her.

Bonilla says her 30-year-old daughter, Michelle Batista, is the victim of a murder, shot by her longtime boyfriend, who then allegedly turned the gun on himself inside their apartment.

"They were in a rocky relationship. She loved him with all her heart. She was a really nice girl, but he would beat her, and he hurt her," said Bonilla. "He choked her. He did so many things to her, and she would just cry. And he'd leave for a week or two, and then she tell me, 'Ma, I miss him,' and she'd take him back again and, I'd say, 'Michelle, one day he's going to kill you,'" Bonilla said.

State police crime scene investigators went up to a second floor apartment throughout the afternoon and evening at the Birchwood Condominiums, while a Framingham Police officer guarded the door.

"They usually argued a lot, they usually called the cops out here for them. The cops would come out, the lady would tell the police officers that he wasn't the one that was hitting her. Everybody knew it was because there wasn't anybody else because there wasn't anyone else with them there. The police would leave," said Michael Pego, who lives nearby. "Then after a couple of days, it would happen the same way exactly again. They would come back in the same place again. And unfortunately, it ended up the way it did."

"So, if there's any women out there that are experiencing this domestic violence, please get out, because you might be dead like my daughter is tonight," Bonilla said.

Batista leaves behind a 15-year-old son.

Police have not released her boyfriend's identity. Bonilla said his name is Allen.

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