2 ‘Springfield Crew' Members Plead Guilty to Conspiracy, Extortion

Two alleged associates of the New York-based Genovese La Cosa Nostra crime family pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court on extortion-related charges in Massachusetts.

Francesco Depergola, 61, of Springfield, and Gerald Daniele, 52, of Longmeadow, pleaded guilty to making extortionate loans to separate debtors, while Depergola also pleaded guilty to conspiracy and extortion.

Both men are scheduled to be sentenced on March 9, 2018. Each charge carries a maximum prison term of 20 years.

Their pleas came after the Nov. 6 guilty pleas of co-defendents Ralph Santaniello, 50, and Giovanni "Johnny Cal" Calabrese, 54, both of Longmeadow.

Santaniello and Calabrese are scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 29. and 30.

A fifth co-defendant, Richard Valentini, will have his trial start on Dec. 11.

The men were arrested Aug. 4, 2016, as part of a massive mob sweep that included the indictment of 46 suspects by federal prosecutors in New York.

The indictment accused the defendants of extortion, loansharking, drug dealing, money laundering, casino-style gambling, sports gambling, credit card fraud and health care fraud. It said they formed a syndicate operating in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida.

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