33 Indicted in Illegal Multi-Million Dollar Sports Betting Ring

Thirty-three people have been indicted on charges in connection with a multi-million dollar sports betting operation in the Boston and South Shore area in Massachusetts, the Attorney General's Office announced Friday afternoon.

The people charged are accused of operating the sports gambling business that used an off-shore betting website to track bets.

Officials say the suspected leader of the crime ring, 43-year-old John Woodman of Braintree, organized a network of more than 30 people to take illegal bets from more than 700 individuals in Massachusetts. Woodman was indicted on a variety of illegal gambling charges.

The people who were placing bets were then directed to PerHead, a sports betting website based in Costa Rica, which allowed those betting and the agents behind the bets to track them, and that the agents would directly collect debts and pay winnings to those who bet in person, according to  Maura Healey.

The company PerHead, and its owner and operator Travis Prescott, were also indicted on charges of money laundering and organizing illegal gambling.

The following have been indicted:

  • John Woodson, 43, of Braintree
  • Frederick Stevenson, 45, of Quincy
  • Keefe Sheppeck, 39, of Boston
  • Travis Prescott
  • PerHead
  • Daniel Conway, 47, of Quincy
  • Chris Cook, 36, of South Boston
  • Jeffrey McArdle, 38, of South Boston
  • Domenic Baldassari Jr., 46
  • Domenic Baldassari III, 20, of Quincy
  • Darren Birks, 29, of South Weymouth
  • Joseph Campanella, 54, of Sharon
  • Nicholas Clifford, 30, of Dorchester
  • Joseph Farina, 24, of South Boston
  • Charles Feeley, 36, of Holbrook
  • James Fitzpatrick, 26, of Quincy
  • John Lebbossiere, 52, of Dorchester
  • Daniel McCabe, 35, of Braintree
  • John McSeveney, 23, of Hanson
  • William Murphy, 45, of North Quincy
  • Keith O'Connell, 43, of Norwell
  • Brian O'Connor, 41, of South Boston
  • Edward Ordway, 42, of Quincy
  • Darren Stratton, 41, of Haverhill
  • Joseph Tomasello, 42, of Rhode Island
  • William Wilson, 25, of South Boston
  • Sean Davidson, 25, of Plymouth
  • David Fabbri, 50, of South Boston
  • John Favaloro, 30, of South Boston
  • Jeremiah Hegarty, 26, of Boston
  • Micahel Rogerson, 26, of Attleboro
  • Santos Santiago, 35 of Randolph
  • Thu Tran, 39, of Revere
  • Jerome Baldner, 66, of South Boston

All of the accused are set to be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on Nov. 30.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story misidentified the state AG as former Attorney General Martha Coakley; it has since been corrected.

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