41 Rescued Puppies Up for Adoption

Forty-one pups were rescued from a life of the stray in the Lone Star State. One was so eager for necn's camera lens, and for your arms, that he climbed all over his buddy to get to us.

At Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts, Jane Traubuneck held Godiva, a Chihuahua mix that lost an eye to infection. But she says that doesn't stop her from wanting to be held and being just as cuddly as can be.

All 41 dogs are available for adoption at the at the shelter. Traubeneck coordinates the shelter's puppy transports from around the nation and she says the problem of stray dogs in Texas is rampant.

Traubeneck worked through an agency called operation Pets Alive to bring the dogs by airplane from Texas. The shelter even video documented the puppies' airplane arrival – mixed breeds, all under five months, some purer than others.

According to Traubuneck, the puppies will probably be adopted within a week. They are $435 fixed and $395 unfixed.

In many cases, the shelter will help new pet parents with the expense of getting the dogs fixed, since not spaying or neutering the animals is at the heart of the multiplying problem of stray dogs around the country.

You can contact the shelter at (978) 745-9888.

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