Amherst College President: Men's Cross Country Team Behavior a Violation of ‘Basic Decency'

The members of the team have reportedly admitted to writing the e-mails and postings.

The Amherst College men’s cross country team has been suspended after a student magazine reported team members were using, “racist, misogynist, and homophobic messages.”

This vulgar language was found on social in media and in emails, according to the college president and athletic director. The messages had photos of female students in addition to comments about their sexual history and references to incoming freshman girls as, “slabs of meat.”

According to the Boston Globe, the members of the team admitted to writing the e-mails and postings.

College administrators ordered all the team’s activities be suspended immediately.

This comes one month after the Harvard University soccer team was suspended after an investigation revealed reports of players creating a sexually explicit “scouting report” that ranked female athletes based on appearance.

President of Amherst College Biddy Martin released a statement stating, "the conduct of those involved flagrantly violates Amherst's principles and the most basic forms of decency and respect”.

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