Boston Bicyclists Hope Fake Bike Lane Spurs Action

A fake bike lane in Boston is gone after crews came by to clean up the paint, but some cyclists hope it brings attention to the need for more of these dedicated lanes. 

It was certainly not a masterpiece. From the long crooked line of white paint, to the crudely drawn bicycle, the fake bike lane mysteriously popped up on the Congress Street Bridge and got Mike Blackwell’s attention.

"Whoever did this, thumbs up you’re my hero," said Blackwell.

He snapped the photo of the makeshift bike lane Tuesday morning on his ride to work and posted it on social media, starting quite a conversation. At this point it’s unclear who the person or people are behind the paint.

"I would suggest those folks reach out to us," said Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who also says the bike lane doesn’t increase safety.

"You can’t do that by painting a line in the street," said Walsh.

Richard Fries with the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition says it’s clearly an expression of frustration and hopes the city gets the message.

"Makes you wonder why a city can’t move a little faster on these things,” he said. “I think they should take it as a hint, we need some better accommodations."

The bridge is near the Children’s Museum and connects the Fort Point neighborhood to the Financial District.

Even though it's now mostly washed away, the artwork has left quite an impression. For cyclists like Blackwell, it's another reason to keep this debate moving forward.

"Bike lanes in a place like this make perfect sense," said Blackwell.

Even though there are surveillance cameras pointed to this area, the city says it will not refer this incident to police for an investigation.

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