Boston Janitor Makes High-End Bow Ties Worn by Beyoncé

It's a dirty job, but someone has to make sure Jubilee Christian Church is clean and ready for Sunday service. Christopher Chaun takes on the task, working as a maintenance man.

"God knows I'd rather be doing more creative things with so much of my time, but nothing more than serving," he said.

It's a humble beginning for a gifted man - when he's not walking the church hallways, he's in his Boston apartment, hovering over a sewing machine, creating fashion masterpieces.

"Service as the janitor, service as a fashion designer, I'm just a service man," Chaun laughed. "That's all it is."

Chaun's work has been featured in top magazines like British Vogue - his bow ties can sell on his website at anywhere from $250 to $550.

The high end neck ware has donned plenty of celebrities, including Beyoncé.

But the reality is, fashion isn't covering all of his bills, so Chaun hangs in the janitor's closet to make ends meet. His pastor keeps him encouraged, though, saying it's all part of his process.

"Chris right now is just a faithful young man who is working," said Pastor Matthew Keith Thompson. "But he sees where God is trying to take him."

"Vacuuming is my specialty because I know I do it way better than anyone else," Chaun said with a laugh.

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