Boston Latin Student Makes Charcoal Portraits of Entire Graduating Class

An 18-year-old student spent the last four months creating portraits of all 411 students graduating from Boston Latin.

"I just expected people to be like 'Wow, that's a cool picture,' and be on their way," said 18-year-old Phillip Sossou. "But what happened was a lot of people were crying."

The detailed drawings are donning the senior hallway, where everyone has been walking by in amazement. Even his teachers couldn't help but be proud.

"At one point, he was trying to do 16 pieces of work a day just to actually meet the 411 goal," said AP art teacher Stephen Harris.

"Monday through Friday, I'd stay in school until about 3-8," said Sossou.

"He tries to bring joy to his classmates, and I think this was definitely a way he could do that," said guidance counselor Andrea Encarnacao.

The happiness comes at a time where students are being pushed apart, dealing with racial tensions. Sossou hopes after this, things will change.


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"This will sort of bring about a sense of community," he said. "That's definitely what we need right now, because we're really fractured."

Everyone had something positive to say about their portraits. And the artist is soaking up all the love.

"I'd do this again," he laughed.

These pictures won't be on the wall too much longer - the students will be able to take theirs home before graduation.

Sossou will attend college in the fall and then pursue a career in animation.

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