Bostonians Enjoying Warm Weather

Spring air made its way to New England after a tough stretch of winter weather

People were out Wednesday, enjoying the warmest day Boston has seen all year.

"It's fun to walk around in the beautiful weather instead of all bundled up," said Emily Neal.

"It brings life back to you," said Debbie Demakis.

The 60-degree weather is looked at as a pass from the cold, especially to those who couldn't get away from the record-setting winter we've experienced.

"I sat in my house because I had snow days," said Shawn Zajick. "I couldn't go anywhere, I stayed in my house to escape the snow."

"Stayed in, built fires, watched my husband do the plow," said Demakis.

Throughout Boston, you could see people without their winter coats, but what is really making people happy is seeing the snow piles melting.

"I'm so happy that this snow is melting," said Zajick. "It's fun to watch the levels go down.

So with the gloves and hats off, folks are grateful for the long-overdue warmth in New England.

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