The Boston Globe

Brandeis University to Offer Plan B Contraceptive in Campus Vending Machine

The installation of a health and wellness vending machine carrying the emergency contraceptive Plan B was celebrated by students and school officials at Brandeis University this week.

The student-run activism group Brandeis Pro-Choice unveiled its vending machine, located in the Waltham school's Shapiro Campus Center, on Tuesday.

Susannah Miller, president of the group, said in a statement that giving students direct access to products like Plan B fills a void at the school, according to The Boston Globe.

The vending machine will also offer products like condoms, pain relievers and menstrual hygiene products alongside contraceptives, according to the group.

Plan B is available over-the-counter in the Brandeis student health center, according to school officials. However, the center's hours are limited during the week and it is closed over weekends.

School officials praised students for their success and reaffirmed the university's committment to offering emergency contraception and other reproductive health services to students in need.

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