Bronze Stars Stolen From Holocaust Memorial in Milton, Mass.

The theft from "Myriam's Memorial" occurred sometime this past weekend

Vandals in Milton, Massachusetts, stole two Stars of David, made from bronze, from a memorial for a young girl who was killed in the Holocaust.

Frank Manasse has spent most of his life searching for his younger sister. He last saw her decades ago -- his family separated during the Holocaust.

"I assume she perished sometime in the 1940s," he said.

After a successful career, the Waltham native decide to take up a new hobby -- art. After many years, he created a sculpture for his sister. The memorial proudly displayed at Milton Cemetery is a physical tribute to a sister he lost so young.

"I don't know when she died or where she died. We haven't found out. We looked all over the world," he said. "It reminded me of her because I was able to make something which was moving, which was artistically done, and which was totally different than anything I would have."

On Monday, Manasse got a surprising phone call.

"I got a call from the cemetery saying it was gone," Manasse said. "Felt like it was probably a hate crime."

On Tuesday, Milton firefighters searched a nearby pond for any sign of the memorial.

"It is a special memorial," Therese Desmond, the cemetery superintendent, said Tuesday. "We are hoping someone saw what happened to it and we can return it."

Manasee just hopes the bronze and marble sculpture is returned soon.

"It shows the hate, even, hasn't gone away after 70 plus years," he said. "Return it, no questions asked."

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