Changes Proposed for Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Architects for Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston are proposing some changes to the marketplace that include additional seating and heating installations.

The Boston Herald reports Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp., which purchased the lease for the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in 2011, submitted the new proposals ahead of an Aug. 22 public hearing. The improvements are aimed at drawing in more people, especially tourists, to the marketplace.

The changes would include glass canopies on the sides of Quincy Market that would replace the framed glass sheds. In addition, the proposal includes a glass system that automatically melts snow, as well as an extension to the outdoor seating season.

“This phase of the marketplace strategy is still very conceptual," Faneuil Hall Marketplace General Manager Joe O’Malley said in a statement. "We are going through the appropriate design measures with the city, and believe we have a vision that will contribute to the betterment of the entire property."

"We are maintaining transparency with our tenants and merchants, and will continue to partner with them throughout this process," he added.

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