Child Sickened After Pricking Finger on Syringe at Boston Park

Child found syringe at Iacono Playground in Hyde Park

A health scare tied to New England's opioid crisis has hit one Boston family hard after a child picked up a syringe at a playground in Boston's Hyde Park neighborhood.

Cadence Epstein, 8, feels fine now, but will spend the rest of her summer taking taking medicine that makes her sick after she pricked her finger on a discarded syringe at a neighborhood playground.

Epstein lives in Hyde Park with her parents and two sisters, right around the corner from Iacono Park. That's where she handled the needle while participating in a summer tennis program. A couple of kids found the syringe and started playing with it. Cadance was the only one of them to prick her finger.

Iacono was renovated this summer. Boston has been working to get syringes off the streets and out of the city's parks.

Helen Epstein, Cadence's mother, says she will let her kids go back to Iacono, but she is giving them advice when they do.

In about 4 weeks, Cadence will no longer have to take her medicine, just in time to go back to school. 

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