Firefighter Treated for Heat Exhaustion in 4-Alarm Blaze

Crews had to contend with hot weather in the Dorcester fire

Firefighters had to contend with the heat while they battled a 4-alarm fire Tuesday in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.

Boston Fire responded just before 1 p.m. to a fire at a multi-family house at 87 Sawyer Ave.

A firefighter was treated and taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion, and officials rang the fourth alarm to help crews in the hot weather.

Investigators traced the cause of the fire to the careless disposal of smoking material, which started on the first floor's side porch.

No one else was injured.

Nine adults and one child were living in the building at the time. One of the four apartments was vacant, and a family was moving in when the fire broke out.

Initial damage has been estimated at $500,000, and the house next to it also received extensive melting of its siding.

As crews continued working on hot spots, the companies on the scene were being rotated every 10 minutes.

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