Critics Sound Off on I-93 Protesters

The protests blocked the highway northbound and southbound during Thursday morning's commute

Wednesday's protests that blocked Interstate 93 north and south of Boston in the middle of the busy morning commute drew angry reaction both from those who got caught in the mess and others who just felt the protest was a poor idea.

Below is a sampling of some of the comments posted on NECN's Facebook page:

"And just what does this accomplish - this is not the way to bring attention - it changes nothing," said Kathleen Garrett Fazio. "Glad a loved one didn't need to get medical attention while on 93 or need to get to a hospital in Boston. Just ridiculous."

"This is how you lose allies," added Elena Murphy.

"How come I haven't seen any of these people march to the statehouse and sit down with the people who can actually change things?" asked Melanie Casper. "Call your leaders, representatives and senators if you want something to change. This isn't changing anything but you are providing lots of the officers you claim to be protesting against with plenty of overtime and extra money for themselves and their families. You are feeding the very people you are protesting against."

"How did they think they were gonna get out of that?" asked Kara Kilian. "People could have died."

"Get a job! And a life of your own," said Sheree Dawe Kaminski. "Messing up other people's lives, who have nothing to do with your 'point,' is doing absolutely nothing to make your point, people. Just making you look like morons."

"Protesters should have to pick up the cost of the demonstration, not the taxpayers," added Nancy Pitrowiski.

"Seems to me they should be protesting all the violence against the POLICE lately!! Instead they put innocent people in jeopardy and waste time," said Lidia Miazga.

"Giving them any attention at all is a bad idea! What next??" asked Charlene Turgeon. "Maybe a runway on Logan? Hard working, law abiding citizens who were just on their way to work to process your auto claim, to make your trades, to perform surgery on your aunt, to teach your children to deliver your goods etc. Walking on a highway is illegal. Start with that! 4 Ambulances were diverted!"

"I am all for protesting, however... this is NOT the place to do it," noted Tom Crutchfield.

"Such a shame for anyone trying to get to work or school today, and I feel bad for the police and fire departments that had to deal with all of this," said Kristine Brown. "Wish the media would report all their names and give the public insight, as to what they do for a living. I am sure they are all respectable, contributing members of society (pure sarcasm there). Hope the courts take the charges seriously and do not lessen the penalties to civil offenses - they should all be charged with criminal penalties."

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