DA: No Active Search for Missing Mass. Mom Thursday

There will be no active search Thursday for missing Mass. woman Jaimee Mendez

A day after no evidence was found when about 100 law enforcement officers searched for a missing Massachusetts woman in a heavily wooded area in Salem Wednesday, investigators say there will be no active search Thursday.

Jaimee Mendez, 25, of Swampscott was last seen with a convicted level III sex offender before she vanished Thursday.

According to an update from the Essex County DA’s office, investigators will meet Thursday to “assess the search effort thus far and determine next steps.”

Her family says she was last heard from when she called two friends last Thursday to say she was with the sex offender and that she felt uncomfortable. That was the last anyone heard from her, according to her family.

Meanwhile, police have placed billboards in high traffic areas, including near Boston's Logan Airport, to hopefully generate tips in the continuing search.

Police have towed a minivan with a mattress in the back away from the home in Lynn, where neighbors say the man they described as a sex offender was staying. A nearby dumpster and a neighbor’s garage was also search Tuesday.

Mendez's family says the young, diabetic mother's sneakers were found in a dumpster behind a CVS on Eastern Avenue in Lynn, along with a piece of rug they say came from that man's minivan. Police have not confirmed that. The Mendez family says someone matching Jamiee's description was seen at that CVS, but there are still questions.

Massachusetts State police are working with the Swampscott, Lynn, and Salem police departments to investigate this case.

The family is also involved in their own private search.

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