Die-In Protest Held During Boston New Year's Celebration

No arrests were made during the event

Boston Police say protestors who participated in a "Die-In" at First Night Boston in Copley Square were "peaceful" and "cooperative."

No arrests were made, police say.

Protestors, in turn, say they were pleased that they had the space to protest without police interference.

At 5 p.m., the protestors laid on the frigid ground, staging the "Die In" in front of the public library.

In total, about 150 people showed up, upset they say, with the deaths of unarmed black men by police.

"I just feel like the court system is just not doing its job," said one protestor.

"These people are being targeted and brought down by police officers," added another.

Ahead of First Night, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Police Commissioner William Evans asked the protestors to stay away, saying they support protestors right to free speech, but that First Night isn't the place to do so.

"If you walk down there, there's all 2,3,4 year olds there and I don't think they should have to see behavior that they have nothing to do with," said Evans.

Mayor Marty Walsh, asked the protestors to be respectful of the First Night revelers.

On Tuesday, protest organizers said they weren't backing down.

"While we understand and respect that it's a family environment, this is still an issue that affects black and white children," said protestor Brandi Artez.

Protesters also marched several times around all the First Night activities.

"I absolutely support their right to protest, 100%, said Deb Kablotsky, who was there with her two young girls.

Floyd Farley, a Cambridge Resident disagreed, however, saying, "All lives matter, and I think we should take a rest from politics and understand the situation a little bit more."

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