Falling Ice From Truck Damages FedEx Van in Sunderland, Mass.

This happened the same day a 6-year-old girl was injured when a chunk of ice hit her mom's windshield in a separate incident

Police in Sunderland, Massachusetts are reminding drivers to clear snow off the roof of their cars after a FedEx van suffered damage due to falling ice.

Officials received a call of a motor vehicle accident Thursday at about 10:50 a.m. on Route 116. There, they saw the delivery van with severe damage to the front roof and windshield.

Authorities said the vehicle was damaged due to a driver who failed to remove snow or ice off their truck. Police said the suspect truck and FedEx van were driving in opposite directions when the incident occurred. 

The incident happened the same day a 6-year-old girl suffered minor injuries after a chunk of ice flew off a tractor-trailer and hit her mother's windshield.

The police department's chief is reviewing surveillance videos to identify the driver of the truck. Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Sunderland Police Department at 413-665-7036.

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