• forecast 49 mins ago

    Widespread Snow Is Returning to New England. Here's How Much to Expect

    This week brings us more winter-like weather with even some light snow accumulation by midweek.  Tonight stays dry with a clear sky and lows in the single digits, teens to 20s south and a diminishing wind. Tomorrow will be near calm with increasing clouds from southwest to northeast and highs in the 20s to 30s. The first half of the...

  • forecast 12 hours ago

    Mid-Week Snow Expected to Bring Three Inches for Most

    A definite change in the weather pattern is unfolding for New England, removing us from our multi-week lull that’s delivered winter complacency for some. The awakening of winter comes as the feed of Pacific energy and moisture comes alive in response to the recent splintering of the Polar Vortex in high latitudes.  The Polar Vortex is a semi-permanent storm that...

  • Weather Jan 22

    Weather Forecast: Partly Cloudy and Rain, Snow Showers

    This Evening: Partly cloudy, a rain/snow shower. Around 40 south, 30s north. Overnight Friday Night: Passing flurries. Lows in the 20s, 10s north. Saturday & Sunday: Chilly breeze, fair sky. Highs in the 20s, wind chill 10s.

  • forecast Jan 22

    Friday Will Be Our Last Break From January Chill for a While

    A brief warm-up is here before an extended stretch of more familiar mid-winter New England weather: cold. It’s actually a warm front passing over that generated our scattered flurries and snow showers with little accumulation Thursday, followed by some evening clearing. But another front moves in late night Thursday with more snow showers, a coating to 1 inch for many but...

  • forecast Jan 21

    Flurries Thursday, Friday Before Wintry Chill for the Weekend

    This week’s weather pattern has been repetitive – a series of energetic disturbances aloft are prompting clouds, flurries and snow showers with gradually cooler air each day. Meanwhile, significant moisture needed for larger storm development stays separate, to the south. The pattern won’t change much in the days ahead, though changes in temperature will become a bit more pronounced...

  • forecast Jan 16

    Snow and Rain Expected for Parts of New England Saturday

    It’s an intersting Friday… some areas are sunny, others cloudy, and at the ski areas the mountain tops are sunny with an undercast cloud below. This is called an inversion, and a sign of stability in the atmosphere. But we have serious instability on the way tonight and Saturday. For now, the air is coming from two directions — from…

  • Weather forecast Jan 15

    Parts of New England Could Get a Half a Foot of Snow This Weekend

    Friday brings a break between Thursday’s weak system that delivered light rain and snow to some and what remains of the once-powerful storm that’s crossed the northern tier of our nation and passes through New England Saturday.   Breaks in the clouds for partial sunshine Friday morning to midday will eventually close as clouds increase both from the east...

  • forecast Jan 14

    Light Showers Thursday Precede Weekend Storm

    Lots of clouds are in the forecast for a few days, though rain and snow falling from those clouds will be limited.  Thursday finds a strung-out disturbance aloft moving east out of the Twin Tiers of southern New York and northern Pennsylvania. It will migrate over southern New England, bringing some scattered light snow and rain showers from mid-morning...

  • weather New England Jan 13

    Sunshine to Disappear in Most of New England After Today

    A major storm of wind, snow and rain has just blasted the Pacific Northwest, knocking out power to half a million in western Washington alone.

  • forecast Jan 12

    Cool Air Relents Ahead of Next Storm

    The dry and cool weather continues in New England with a persistent dome of high pressure, or fair weather, parked over the northeast. The dry air continues to have a subtly dehydrating effect on the body. It also continues to keep raindrops and snowflakes at bay, save for some mountain flurries, even as clouds build for hours at a time...

  • weather New England Jan 4

    Wintry Mix Hitting New England Could Cause Poor Road Conditions

    After a frosty start with some sunshine early this Sunday morning, clouds are racing back in with a rain and snow mix arriving south and west late in the day. The system is fairly weak and has marginal cold air, but it looks like inland areas of central and southern New England may pick up a couple inches overnight into…

  • Weather Jan 4

    Forecast: Storm Hitting Sunday Could Impact Travel

    Tonight: Rain with a possible brief period of rain/sleet. Low 30. Wind Northeast 5-10mph.
    Tomorrow: Likely mix/rain in the morning. Mostly cloudy. High 37. Wind North 5-10 mph

  • weather New England Jan 3

    Storm to Bring Wintry Mix to Region Starting Sunday Evening

    Today will start off sunny and chilly. Clouds will overspread the area by lunchtime and snow may start by the time you go to bed Sunday night. It’s still too early to discuss totals, but a few areas may see north of six inches. This storm will be weak when it passes off to the south of New England....

  • weather New England Jan 3

    Forecast: Snow Predicted Today

    Today: Increasing clouds with a chance of rain late in the day. High temperature of 39 degrees. Wind East 5-10 miles per hour. Tonight: Rain with a possible brief period of rain and sleet. Low temperature of 30 degrees. Wind northeast 5-10 mph. Tomorrow: Likely mix of rain in the morning. Mostly cloudy. High of 37 degrees.

  • weather New England Jan 3

    Forecast: Snow Throughout New England

    Sunday: Ahead of other wintry weather, most of the day will remain dry with increasing clouds. Highs in the upper 30s. Wind North 5-10mph

  • New Year's Eve Dec 31, 2020

    Quiet Weather for New Year's Eve, Busy Thereafter

    New England is diving into a more active weather pattern as we start the New Year with a few storm systems taking swipes at the region in the days ahead.  The first disturbance was a cold front early Thursday morning that delivered rain from northwest to southeast – only about one to two-tenths of an inch and fast-moving enough to…

  • New England Dec 31, 2020

    Forecast: Dry Skies Emerge Following Morning Showers

    Today: Showers sink south, leaving clouds. Late day breaks north. Highs in the 40s.
    New Year’s Eve: Partly to mostly clear. Temperatures around 30.
    New Year’s Day: Sunshine, clouds late. Overnight snow and rain. Highs in the 30s.
    Saturday: AM showers south, snow north, to a drier afternoon. Highs in the 40s.

  • forecast Dec 31, 2020

    Rain and Snow for Some Wednesday Night Ahead of Mostly Clear New Year's Eve

    We have a few systems affecting the northeast over the next several days. One system moves through tonight, another Friday night into Saturday, and a third Sunday night into Monday.

  • Weather Dec 30, 2020

    New Year's Forecast: 3 Chances for Snow in the Next Week

    Thickening clouds Wednesday come well ahead of a storm system that’s weakening as it approaches northern New England, but is set to drag a cold front through all of New England overnight Wednesday night.  Although Wednesday’s clouds limit how much effect the sun can have, an increasing south wind will help to bump temperatures to the upper 30s by...

  • Weather Dec 23, 2020

    What Is Snowpack?

    Around the country, people rely on these piles of snow for their water supply. What is a snowpack, and how else does it impact you?

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