‘This Is Not Who We Are': Family Desperate to Get Iranian Father Into US to Visit Dying Daughter

An Iranian father trying to see his daughter dying from cancer in America is among those getting held up by President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration.

His family says Nasrollah Shirazi had the proper documents to come into America from Iran before the travel ban took effect, but not a single airline is letting him board a plane.

"She said, 'I want to see him one more time before I may go,'" Arash Shirazi said about his sister-in-law's dying wish.

Over the weekend, not a single airline would allow him to board a flight out of his Muslim-majority county, which is one of seven being impacted by Trump's travel ban.

Shirazi said his father-in-law's visa should have allowed him to travel into America, but now they're in a holding pattern.

"This is a very typical immigrant visa," he said.

Immigration attorney Jeannie Kain says even then, if Shirazi's father-in-law booked a flight to Boston's Logan Airport, he would be allowed in under the state's temporary injunction, which puts a hold on Trump's ban.

However, it has been challenging getting the message out to Customs and Border Protection officials and international airlines.

With time running out, and the health of his sister-in-law deteriorating, Shirazi said his family is walking down an uncertain path.

"This is not who we are," he said.

Shirazi said he has contacted Sen. Elizabeth Warren's office for help and is working with immigration attorneys.

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