‘Freaking Epic': Documented in Book, Woman's Spirit Lives On After Cancer Death

"The more epic the better": That's how Lorna Brunell described the outlook her mother, Wanda Howard, had on life. She lived fully and wanted everyone around her to do the same.

So when Howard was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, she created a bucket list and taught her loved ones how to live.

Brunelle chronicled the final months of her mother's life in a new book called "The Buoy Projects." In it, she weaves stories from her mother's life and her Facebook posts into an uplifting narrative about how to grab life by the horns and make every day an adventure.

"She always said we shouldn't be waiting until we find out we have 10 months to live from a doctor to start living," said Brunelle. "We should live every day as if it's the last day."

The book has been soaring up the Amazon charts, and readers are responding. Brunelle says she's been getting so many photos of people taking the book on vacation with them. Howard wasn't able fly on a plane during the last 10 months of her life. So readers are taking her with them around the world.

Howard died in June of 2014. However, through this book, she is fulfilling her life's dream, which Brunelle says was "leaving the world a better place than she left it."

For more information on "The Buoy Projects," click here.

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