Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeff Bauman Speak Ahead of Marathon Monday

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman attended an annual pasta dinner Sunday night to support runners ahead of Marathon Monday.

The dinner is to support Team BMC- Boston Medical Center is where Bauman was treated after the bombing. His story is becoming a movie, "Stronger," starring Gyllenaal.

When Bauman was asked if he'd choose Gyllenhaal to play him, he said it was more like Gyllenhaal chose him. He said he was inspired by Bauman's story, and that remembers seeing the iconic picture of Bauman being taken away from the scene on a wheelchair after the attack on April 15, 2013.

"I had no idea I would find myself here today- just like I'm sure he had no idea he would find himself talking about a movie being made about his life. It's crazy how the universe works in positive and negative ways- but I think ultimately, the fact that I have him in my life- not just making a movie about him- has changed my life already for the good," Gyllenhaal explained.

While Bauman admits that every April since the marathon has been tough, he says his family helps him stay strong.

"I look forward to spending the summer with my daughter," Bauman said. She's almost two."

Gyllenhaal adds that he's feeling pressure to do the movie justice.

"I find such a responsibility to this film- doing him right and also doing the City of Boston and the rest of the world right about it," Gyllenhaal continued.

Both Gyllenhaal and Bauman are co-captains of Team BMC. On Monday, 90 runners will be running the marathon, all to raise money to expand Boston Medical Center's emergency department so they can continue to save lives like they saved Bauman's three years ago.

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