Students Shelter in Place Amid Manhunt for Break-in Suspects in Hanson, Massachusetts

Students at three schools were forced to shelter in place Thursday as police in Hanson, Massachusetts, looked for suspects in a break-in.

The Hanson Police Department requested the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District give a shelter order to the Maquan School, the Indian Head School and the Hanson Middle School.

Police responded to a house nearby around 10:45 a.m. A woman in the home called 911 and reported that four men had broken in and were robbing her.

Responders arrived so quickly that they caught one of the suspects, identified as 31-year-old Andrew Jorge of Brockton. Police said he had a gun, which led them to be concerned and heighten the response.

A “shelter in place” is in effect at Hanson Middle School in Massachusetts.

State police and units from other local departments showed up to assist in the manhunt. A dog from the Plymouth Police K-9 unit helped investigators apprehend a second suspect, 22-year-old Anthony Marcelino of Brockton.

A third man, 25-year-old Christopher Hebert of Brockton, was also arrested, but police say he does not appear to have a connection to the break-in. He had a warrant out for parole violations.

Police are still searching for two more people. They released a photo of a male being called a person of interest.

BE person of interest 092916
Hanson Police
Authorities are calling this male a person of interest in a break-in that prompted shelter-in-place orders at three schools in Hanson, Massachusetts.

There was no direct threat to the school.


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Students were ultimately allowed to go home.

"We're very concerned," said Hanson Police Chief Michael Miksch. "We've come out in force, so to speak. Make sure that the residents are safe. We have officers at the schools, and we have officers escorting the buses around. Obviously, we wouldn't be letting people go home if we thought there was a problem, but again, as an extra precaution, we have officers with the buses now."

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