Heavy Rain Brings Flooding

First came the heavy rains, then came the clean up.

Thursday, parts of southern New England were slammed with storms that caused some damaging flooding.

Mike Okasha took cell phone video outside of his pizza shop on the corner of Orchard and Rivet Streets in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

"A lot of cars, they are stuck," he said.

He says the water in that intersection was knee-deep at one point.

Nearby on Cove Road, one woman showed necn the damage two feet of floodwater can do to a basement.

And in nearby Dartmouth, high-powered fans and dehumidifiers were working hard at the Southworth library. The building was closed as workers cleaned up the flooded first floor.

"This was unusual," said Director Lynne Antunes of the Southworth Library. "The custodian said it was the worst he's ever seen here. He's been taking care of this building for years."

She says drains that surround the building just couldn't handle the heavy rain.

"The water bubbles up and then it starts to come into the building underneath these doors and there's not much you can do about it until the rain stops," said Antunes.

The library will reopen Friday, but the children's library on the first floor won't open until Saturday.

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