Viewer Tips: How to Beat the Heat

With temperatures likely to approach 100 degrees this weekend, people are already making plans to beat the heat.

That may involve going to the beach, the pool, or just sitting at home in the air conditioning.

We asked NBC10 Boston viewers on Facebook Thursday how they stay cool in the heat. Many mentioned the aforementioned central AC, as well as pools. Here's what the rest had to say:

• Wear a white shirt (Ziad N. Kanaan)

• Bike to Woods Hole (Robbie Powderly)

• Eat popsicles (Jonathan Spiller)

• Drink beer and eat a taco (Seiko Patton)

• Pool/AC/Pool/Piña Colada/Pool/AC (Daniel Cury Santana)

• Move to Seattle (Scott Moore)

• Come to Canada (Pavlos Spyropoulos)

• Cooling station at Wheat Community in Clinton, Mass. (Sonya Rasi DuLong)

• Keep the house dark, ceiling fans, cool showers, and ice cold drinks (Joanne Tannone)

• Eat watermelons and cucumbers, drink lemonade (Bishakha Banerjee Roy)

• Live on the Cape (Petunia Kay)

• Drink lots of SmartWater which contains electrolytes which helps with hydration (Karen Elaine)

• Go from ac car to ac house... golf after 4 p.m... occasionally the pool... you’ll all be fine (Joan Gannon-Traynor)

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