How Court Documents Could Affect Mass. Women's Cases Against Bill Cosby

A federal court case in Massachusetts could be significantly impacted by the newly-unsealed testimony from a decade-old sexual abuse case against comedian Bill Cosby that was eventually settled outside of court.

In the deposition documents obtained by the Associated Press Monday, Cosby admitted to acquiring quaaludes with the intent of giving them to women with whom he allegedly wanted to have sex.

"It was already a bit crazy that Cosby thought he was going to be able to plausibly accuse every single victim of lying,” said necn legal analyst Wendy Murphy, “when you have something like this which is in a sense an admission, I don't know how you explain that away."

The attorney for three women suing Cosby for defamation in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts says these documents seriously deteriorate Cosby's credibility.

Joe Cammarata, one of the attorneys for Cosby accusers in Massachusetts, said, "This revelation goes a long way to showing that those victims of Mr. Cosby's behavior were telling the truth."

In fact, Cammarata had fought to have these documents unsealed in U.S. District Court in Worcester in May, but a judge denied that request.

At another hearing just last month in Springfield where Cosby sought to get the defamation suit against him dismissed, one of Cosby's accusers who's part of that lawsuit said it was frustrating to have her reputation put up against his.

In June, one accuser said, "I know what the influence is every time a person comes out with a big and powerful team with a huge reputation such as he has and calls me a liar - there are people who are going to believe him because he's him."

The federal court in Springfield, Mass. has yet to rule on whether it will allow the defamation suit against Cosby to go forward.

Meanwhile, the former prosecutor who led the investigation into the original sex abuse allegations says the newly released documents could be the basis for new criminal charges against Cosby, specifically perjury. 

Cosby's attorneys in Springfield did not return necn phone calls seeking comment.

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