Hundreds Gather for Cardinal O'Malley's Christmas Sermon in Boston

Cardinal Sean O'Malley blessed hundreds of people Tuesday as he continued his holiday tradition of Christmas mass in Boston.

Hosted at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Cardinal O'Malley shared a lighthearted sermon about this year's craze on DNA tests and the fascination to find our origins.

"You might get a robot or someone might buy you my heritage DNA test," he said to the crowd. "The last-minute sale is $59 online."

Despite O'Malley's humorous speech, the Cardinal's point was for his audience to recognize that Christmas is an opportunity to discover why we are here.

"God is in our DNA and that's the important thing," he said.

Churchgoers were touched by the Cardinal's overall message.

"The choir was beautiful and it was moving," Florida resident Melanie Ghobrial said. "It was very spiritual. We're happy to be here."

"It brought all the families together," Boston resident Maya Hacham said.

O'Malley concluded his busy Christmas scheduled with Tuesday's mass. He spent the last few days at homeless shelters in Boston. He hopes people will focus on the issue of homelessness year-round and beyond just the holidays.

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