Logan Bracing for Busy Travel Week

Air travel expected to be up 1-1.5% from last year as AAA forecasts 4% car travel jump

A week before the Thanksgiving holiday that drives travel to some of its highest levels of the year, Logan International Airport officials said Thursday they’re optimistic about getting through the peak period smoothly but urged people to come to the airport early and well informed about what to expect.

Massachusetts Port Authority CEO Thomas P. Glynn said airlines serving the airport expect a 1 to 1.5 percent increase in travel from last year. That will translate to as many as 110,000 people moving through the airport on Tuesday and Wednesday, and closer to 120,000 on the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving.

Massport aviation director Edward C. Freni said he is encouraging people to arrive at the airport two hours before domestic flights depart and three hours before international flights, just to have enough of a cushion to accommodate crowds and delays.

Because it’s a holiday that attracts many people who only use air travel infrequently, Robert Allison, the top Transportation Security Administration official at Logan, is encouraging travelers to use the “can I bring?” search engine at www.tsa.gov that lays out exactly what can and cannot be packed in luggage. He’s also discouraging people from wrapping holiday gifts they are packing in their luggage because they may have to be unwrapped and inspected by TSA personnel.

Mary Maguire of AAA Southern New England said they expect a very busy travel period on the roads, too, with more than 1 million Massachusetts residents travelling for the holiday, the most since 2005, and a 4 percent increase in highway travel from last year thanks to gasoline prices that are on track to be the lowest for a Thanksgiving week in five years.

With videographer Bob Ricci 

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