Lost at Sea: Mass. Native Among Those Aboard Missing Cargo Ship

The search continued Monday for the missing cargo ship El Faro, which was lost at sea during Hurricane Joaquin.

Aboard the vessel, which officials say is believed to have sunk, included Keith Griffin, a Massachusetts native from Winthrop whose family now lives in Florida.

It was a bittersweet moment when a life ring from the El Faro was found floating in the Atlantic. The U.S. Coast Guard did confirm it came from the ship.

Two Coast Guard cutters are searching for any signs of the El Faro. Planes and helicopters are also searching for signs of the missing ship.

Families, which have been notified by authorities, have been praying together and trying to support one another.

Other debris was found Sunday, but authorities have not yet confirmed that the material came from the ship.

Griffin is not the only New England native aboard the ship, which had a crew of 33. 

Deb Roberts from Maine says her son Michael Holland is an engineer aboard the ship. Meanwhile, the affiliate WCSH says three other Mainers, including the El Faro's captain, were on board: captain Michael Davidson, 53, from Windham; Dylan Meklin of Rockland; Danielle Randolph of Rockland.

"Not knowing is very, very difficult, but we remain very hopeful and optimistic that we will be reunited with our family members," she said.

The El Faro had 33 crewmembers in total, including 28 Americans.

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