Massachusetts High School Sets Stick Bomb World Record

Natick High School in Massachusetts now holds a world record after students' efforts to build and detonate the largest stick bomb. 

The group in June covered the gymnasium floor with 45,000 tongue depressors woven together to create the "bomb," according to MetroWest Daily News. A chain reaction followed when one stick was pulled out. 

While the bomb only involved 31,370 sticks, according to the paper, it was enough to break the previous Guinness World Record of 30,849 sticks. 

The Natick students involved in the stick bomb included Jordan Arnold, Casey Barrasso, William Cuozzo, Charles Gagnon, David Kelly, Kyle Knapp, Daniel Kotlyar, Zachary Koval, Lucas Mastromatteo, David Schneider, Stanley Smudin, Walak, Evan Walker, Kevin Zheng and Nicolas Zonghi, according to Guinness World Records' website

Go Redhawks! 

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