Massachusetts Residents React to the Possibility of Bringing Happy Hour Back

Not everyone supports the idea

Some Massachusetts residents are working on a petition to bring happy hour back to the state, but not everyone supports the idea.

According to Bostinno, the app Cheers has began to circulate a petition encouraging the state to bring back happy hour.

Some support the idea because many other major cities such as New York City and Los Angeles offer happy hour specials.

Erik Streeter posted on the necn Facebook page and said "I am so HAPPY!!!"

Dana Johngren said, "'bout time."

However, many people are worried about the increase in drunk drivers on the road during prime commuting hours, should the new measure be implemented.

Beth Case said there will be "more drunks out to kill others on the road."

Peggy HogansonJames said, "my car was struck by a drunk driver years ago during 'Happy Hour.'"

If the app receives enough signatures, those behind the measure will bring the idea to Mayor Walsh.

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