Stolen Car Driven by Alleged OUI Driver Hits MassDOT Employee

A 52-year-old MassDOT employee was injured early Thursday after he was hit by a stolen car driven by an alleged OUI driver in Revere, Massachusetts.

The incident happened shortly after midnight near Route 1's Sargent Street exit, according to authorities. The employee was assisting state police at an earlier OUI crash when he was hit by a stolen car.

The victim's pickup truck had its arrow board lit at the time of the crash, according to officials. He was taken to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect, Matthew Ricco Tyre, 29, of East Boston, allegedly tried to flee the scene on foot after the crash but was caught by a state trooper.

Tyre is accused of carjacking a 2017 Honda Civic from an Uber driver when he was a passenger in the rideshare. The carjacking happened in the area of Route 1 at Route 16 in Revere, state police said.

Tyre was arrested and was arraigned later in the day on charges of carjacking, OUI drugs, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a police officer and negligent operation.

Prosecutors say the whole ordeal started when Tyre began drinking from his bottle of Johnny Walker Whisky.

"The defendant offered the Uber driver a drink," said Assistant District Attorney Breanna Arsenault.

When the driver refused, Tyre allegedly splashed whiskey on him.

"The defendant began yelling that he was the son of a law enforcement officer and could do whatever he wanted," said Arsenault.

Sitting in court was Tyre's father, a retired Chelsea Police lieutenant. He had nothing to say about the charges against his son.

"While he was trying to be secured in the cruiser, the defendant kicked the trooper multiple times," said Arsenault.

Investigators say Tyre had bloodshot and glassy eyes, blurred thick-tongued speech and dilated pupils. He allegedly admitted to having four drinks in one hour and some Adderall.

"This is an absolute oboration. This man has never been in any trouble at all," said Tyre's attorney who said his client is under psychiatric care.

Bail was set at $20,000. It's unclear when his next court date is.

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