MBTA Experiencing Delays Out of South Station

South Station-based trains out of Boston are experiencing various delays during peak commuting hours on Tuesday evening, according to passengers on social media and confirmed by the MBTA.

The commuter rail trains to Framingham, Massachusetts are up to 30 minutes delayed due to equipment issues and trains to Needham are operating on a similarly delayed schedule.

Other trains have been affected as well.

Keolis, who runs the Commuter Rail, issued the following statement:

"Train 743 experienced a mechanical problem just outside of the Readville facility. Crews worked quickly to resolve the issue. However, this impacted rush hour train movements into and out of South Station causing the delays. Additionally, there was a signal failure just beyond South Station terminal. Amtrak’s crews are working to resolve the issue. Trains are now on the move. We appreciate our customers’ patience while crews worked as quickly as possible to resolve these issues."

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