More Possible Child Abduction Attempts in Mass.

Police are looking for a suspect in a growing string of possible child abduction attempts in south central Massachusetts.

Sunday, police in Sutton and Mendon described incidents in which a man in a gray car approached children. This follows similar incidents in Uxbridge, Northbridge and Upton.

Sutton Police say a man in a gray sedan followed a young teen who got off a school bus near Wunschel Drive on Wednesday. The man did not contact the child.

A female may have been a passenger in the vehicle.

Around 3 p.m. that same day, police in Uxbridge say a man in his 60s tried to abduct a child on Sutton Street. Also on Wednesday, a man driving a gray sedan with red Massachusetts plates approached a young girl in Northbridge.

Police in Northbridge now say the incident in that town was not related and was not an abduction attempt. It should be noted, however, that Northbridge is directly between the scenes of the incidents that took place Wednesday in Uxbridge and Sutton.

In Mendon on Saturday, police say a young boy on a bike was "frightened" when a man in a gray Chevrolet Impala approached him around 4 p.m. He screamed, and the man drove away. That driver was last seen on Millville Street.

Mendon Police did not classify the incident an attempted abduction. They do have an idea of who the driver might be.

Also on Saturday, a middle-aged man in a gray car approached an 11-year-old girl on Elm Street in Upton, with residents saying they saw a similar suspicious vehicle on Florence Circle and River Bend Road.

Authorities in several communities are warning parents to look out for their children. Anyone with information about any of these incidents should call one of the police departments involved:

Uxbridge Police: (508) 278-7755
Upton Police: (508) 529-3200
Sutton Police: (508) 865-8747
Northbridge Police: (508) 234-6211
Mendon Police: (508) 478-2737

Anyone who experiences a similar incident should call 911 immediately.

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