necn Exclusive: Man Claims Police Questioned Him in Jogger's Murder

A man who says police questioned him and tested his DNA in connection to Vanessa Marcotte's murder spoke exclusively with necn Tuesday.

While the man denies any involvement in the case, he says he is under investigation — necn is not releasing his identity out of sensitivity to the investigation.

A day after the 27-year-old jogger was murdered in Princeton, Massachusetts, the man says detectives began to zero in on him.

"I didn't even know there was a murder by that point," he said. "Being that I live close to the area, they assumed their first lead and they go to that first lead."

The man says it all began last Monday, when his brother reported him missing after he skipped work for the day. Because Marcotte had been killed the day before, he says investigators were suspicious.

Police would not say if the man is a lead or a person of interest, but he tells necn they took a swab of his DNA Saturday.

"I consented because I've got nothing to hide," he said.

According to the man, police asked him where he was the day Marcotte was murdered.

"I explained to them exactly what I was doing. I was resting," he said. "I was watching TV."

He says he decided to visit a local pond and just take the day off after getting in a fight with his mother, and that he has not heard from investigators since they took his DNA.

While he claims to have no connection to Marcotte, the man says police are still treating him as though he is connected.

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