New App Delivers Food to Your Airport Terminal, Offers Convenience

The service is currently available with certain restaurants at Logan Airport in Terminals A, C and E. Terminal B will be added sometime next year

It’s that time of year again. Long lines, lots of bags and yes, hungry stomachs. Waiting in a line at an airport restaurant with kids and luggage isn’t always ideal.

"Anything that can make it more convenient and easier," passenger Jennifer Mulvaney said.

Logan Airport is trying to help. They’re using a brand new app called @YourGate, where you can get the food delivered to you. Think Grubhub or DoorDash, but inside the airport.

"It's a very convenient concept," Logan Airport Concessions Business Manager Leah Teevan said.

Here’s how it works: You download the app, select your location inside the airport, pick a restaurant, your meal and then order.

Airport officials say within about 30 minutes, the food gets delivered to you wherever you are in the airport.

"I certainly think it would be pretty convenient to have things delivered to you while you are at your gate," passenger Evan McNamara said.

The airport rolled it out in July as part of their massive reconstruction effort. Right now, the service is available with certain restaurants in Terminals A, C and E. Terminal B will be added sometime in 2020.

Teevan said it’s a convenient service for everyone.

"Not only business travelers who are on a conference call sitting their seat at the gate but families with children who don’t want to stand in line at various concessions," she said.

An added convenience during a very busy time of year.

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