NFLPA Likey to Appeal in Federal Court If Tom Brady Is Suspended

Patriots Deflated Footballs

The union representing players in the National Football League says it's "going to the mat" for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Even if Tom Brady's four-game suspension is reduced, the NFL Players Association is expected to appeal the decision in federal court.

The Players Association has cited the following issues with the Deflategate allegations and equipment policies:

  • The phrasing of "generally aware" in the Ted Wells report
  • The lack of notification to players if and when there was a change in policy or rules of NFL
  • The general lack of procedure and protocols to test ball inflation

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has hinted a ruling on Brady's appeal could be handed down this week. The star quarterback is facing the suspension for his alleged involvement in the deflating of footballs during the team's AFC Championship game against the Colts.

The Patriots as an organization have already been punished by the league. The NFL fined the Pats $1 million and took away two draft picks. 

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